Online Meditation Course

Forging Your Wisdom 30 Days of Meditation and Journaling

Have you ever wished you had a Wise Sage on hand to advise you?

What would you ask them?

And what if the voice of Wisdom was inside of you?

Would you listen to what it had to say?

You already have a perfect internal GPS, like a built-in Google Maps.

This internal guidance system is known as your Intuition.

Most of us, however, don't tap into it very well.

Now the cool thing is, you can learn how to develop and enhance your Intuition into a true superpower of Knowledge.

There is a distinct methodology for doing this in a balanced and grounded way.

And there are specific Meditation, Contemplation and Journaling exercises which awaken this inner source of Wisdom.

meditation for intuition

Online Course and 30 Day Challenge
This new Meditation Course starts on October 18.
The techniques you will be trained in combine Meditation, Contemplation and Application in Daily Life.

You will learn:

     --> how to tap into your Intuition

     --> how to test the accuracy of the messages you receive

     --> how to stay grounded and obtain actual results in your life

By the end of this 30 Day Challenge you will have a way to find answers to the questions and challenges which Life presents you.

You will also have a practical method of applying these answers to make real positive changes in your own life, and in the lives of others.

Over time, you can develop this into your own personal Body of Wisdom.
   --> 5 weekly live & interactive classes over Zoom
   --> 30 consecutive days x 30 minutes daily self-practice
   --> new students as well as return students are welcome to join
   --> includes guided Meditation recordings to support your practice each day

We’ll practice together as a group every Tuesday evening.

You’ll be expertly guided through the Meditation, Contemplation and Journaling exercises by Stephen Cottee (27 years teaching experience).

You’ll have the support and motivation of the group to boost your daily Meditation and Journaling routine at home.

And we’ll share, learn from and gather strength from each other’s discoveries and experiences as we go.


So... are you ready to fire up your forge of Wisdom ?

Where?       over Zoom in the comfort of your own home
When?           five Tuesday evenings
Dates?           October 18 - November 15
What time?    7.30pm-8.30pm AEDT (UTC+11)
How much?   $160
Bookings?     email
.............................or sms Stephen on 0415886356