Stillness &
Present Moment

Relax, becoming calm, silent and still within…
Step into the magick of living in the Now…
Experience mental clarity and focus…
Be at peace.

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the development of stillness and awareness within your inner and outer worlds.

Awareness acts as a form of 'leverage', enhancing your performance and quality of life whereever you apply it. Clear, silent, expanded awareness also allows you to snap out of the blur of a life that is passing you by, and step into the reality of a life in which each moment contains its own unique magick, wonder and meaning.

This style of meditation practice produces many benefits, including:

star_character deep relaxation
emotional calm
star_character a still, quiet mind
star_character improved breathing patterns
star_character better sleep and health
star_character become grounded, present, focussed, clear and aware
star_character the ability to find peace and balance within a busy, modern lifestyle
star_character the ability to return to the present moment and enjoy the magick
.....of life here and now
star_character self-awareness … awakening you to your true Self !

In this course you will learn three main techniques:

star_character Yogic Breathing - a range of breathing exercises to clear the mind, envigorate the body and generate states of emotional peace and wellbeing. Yogic Breathing is the perfect preparation for an easy and successful meditation session. Alternately, practised on its own makes for a great start to your day.

star_character Body-Mind-Heart Awareness - a lying down meditation technique to create deep relaxation, stillness, clarity and awareness within your body, heart and mind.
This practice is also useful for clearing fatigue from your system, and as a preparation for a peaceful sleep.

star_character Sense-Awareness Meditation - a seated meditation technique which brings order, clarity and balance to body, heart and mind.
With diligent practice of this technique you will experience profound stillness, awareness and spiritual awakening both during meditation and within your daily life.

In addition to these techniques you will learn the key principles, concepts and philosophical background to this style of meditation. This will help you to understand your experiences, to maximise the results you obtain through your practice, and to integrate what you learn into your everyday life.

Seven Week Course
These seven weekly sessions allow you to weave the many benefits of this branch of meditation into your daily life. Be guided through the techniques each week in a powerful group environment, share experiences with other students, receive personal guidance and answers to your questions, and be supported and inspired whilst you establish your personal practice.


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