Private Sessions

Private sessions with Stephen Cottee provide tailor-made training and therapy for your specific personal needs. These sessions provide a very powerful catalyst for self-transformation. Even a few sessions can lead to profound and significant change, whereas an ongoing program can be literally life-changing.


Holistic Counselling
Counselling is a two-person process which helps you find solutions to life's challenges - both internal challenges (troubled thoughts, feelings and emotions) and external (difficult circumstances in your outer life).

Holistic counselling recognises that psychological healing and transformation can relate to any area of your life - your relationships with yourself and others, your health, work, creative self-expression, your spirituality - and that all the solutions you seek can be found deep within your being.

Stephen recognises that we are far more than the problems we all face. Our life challenges provide opportunities to grow and become happy, wise, powerful and free... once we know how to extract the diamonds from the compost.


Homeopathic Medicine
Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine in itself (as is orthodox medicine, or traditional Chinese medicine). It is also different from Western herbal medicine and other forms of naturopathic practice.

Homeopathy can produce profound results with a very broad range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. From the treatment of acute injuries, infections and illness, to chronic and recurrent symptoms in any body system... to emotional problems and mental symptoms... homeopathy has over two hundred years of documented success around the globe.

Stephen specialises in a holistic form of homeopathy known as 'classical' or 'constitutional' prescribing. This involves selecting a single remedy whose pattern matches the overall pattern of your symptoms of body, heart and mind.

This therapy can be truly transformational, at times even life-changing.


Personal Yoga Training
Dragon Yoga is a therapeutic style of exercise which transforms body and awareness, leading you to physical beauty, grace, balance and health, emotional letting go, mental clarity and eventually bringing you to the threshhold of meditation.

Receive a personalised yoga exercise program to generate relaxation and release of body stress, to build core strength and power, for weight loss and to correct postural imbalances.


Personal Meditation Training
Meditation can be a powerful transformational tool within body, heart and mind, as well as in your outside life. And knowing some of the tricks of the trade can make it a lot easier for you to get fast and powerful results, even if you've tried to meditate before without success.

Having taught many different meditation techniques to thousands of students for over 16 years, Stephen has become expert at 'prescribing' and adapting meditation techniques to your personal situation and your personal needs.

Some meditations produce stillness, others activate and stimulate, some produce visions whilst others ground you into your body and the here and now. Still others connect you with the Spirit in you, in Nature and to the Divine itself.


Energetic Transformation
Stephen practices two main forms of Energetic Transformation:

star_character Figure 8 Energetic Healing Technique
Pioneered by Paul Tisdell, this approach to psychospiritual transformation works via the chakra system, creating harmonious flows of energy between the various levels of your being - etheric, mental-emotional and spiritual.
The experience is one of deep relaxation, bliss, release and letting go on the various levels... a vivifying of the body energy which underlies physical health... emotional healing and maturing... mental realisation... spiritual awakening.

star_character Sound Healing
Pioneered by Chris James, this approach involves Stephen projecting pure resonant vocal tones into various parts of the body, in particular the chakras and the auric egg. A delightful experience which can open doors to heavenly states of awareness. So full of bliss and peace you won't want to come back to earth in a hurry!


What Have Past Clients Said ?

“Last night I practiced Stephen’s techniques for about 30 minutes and let me say the feelings I have had all day today have been incredible. So much more awareness, achieving a lot more and completely revitalised. New outlooks on issues and definitely an increased sense of creativity!
Stephen I truly believe that your teachings and techniques are life changing. I really hope that you are touching and changing someone’s life like you have mine.”...................– Miss J., English Teacher

“My path crossed Stephen’s at an opportune time, perhaps in answer to a deep and unacknowledged feeling of loss and unrest within me. Stephen applied a combination of Homeopathy, Coaching and Meditation… His gentle guidance and exquisite attention and awareness provided the perfect environment within which I learnt the skills to regain confidence and knowledge of myself.”
.........................................................– Mrs R., Science Educator

“Stephen’s methods are clear and concise. My sense of involvement in life has improved as if stepping from the grandstand to the playing field. He has taught me how exciting my mind can be – what a buzz! His masterly teachings focus right at the inherent human rhythm, so are truly beneficial to all.”.......................– Mr M., Film-Maker

“Stephen has a huge knowledge of different methods of improving one’s own way of living. Training with Stephen helps me get back into a regular practice of meditation which always improves my life – without doubt. Overall, a very worthwhile experience.”
.........................................................– Mr N., Real Estate Valuer

“My husband and I stumbled upon a rare gem whilst vacationing in Manly a few weeks ago. Stephen Cottee has the unique ability to be a nurturing instructor, a compassionate counsellor, and empathetic listener which makes him incredibly effective at introducing the novice to the art of meditation.
“We were very impressed with his level of professionalism and breadth of knowledge. He gently eased our nervousness and confidently allayed our fears about trying meditation. Impressively, Stephen was also open to exploring issues beyond meditation as we frequently shared an open dialogue about spirituality.
“My husband and I are grateful for the invaluable time spent with Stephen. He is a humble man yet a very empowering teacher who will confidently guide you along your own spiritual path.”
.........................................................– Mrs K.

"Stephen was highly recommended to me after a challenging period of illness I experienced about six months ago. The private sessions I had with him for meditation were invaluable. At our first meeting after discussing and assessing my situation, Stephen taught me a meditation that he felt would suit my needs. I have done that beautiful, simple but powerful meditation every day since that first lesson. I have now also added other meditations as my practice has developed and my needs change day to day.
Stephen makes meditation very accessible. He is a kind, gentle, intuitive man with a wealth of experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. My meditation practice has become an essential part of my life, calming my anxiety and helping me find more peace.
.........................................................– Ms L., Designer


Times and Location
Stephen practices on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.
Options include sessions at clinic, or via telephone or Skype.
Various time slots are available both within business hours and after hours.

Homeopathic remedies cost $20 and are available in liquid, sugar pillules or millet grains. Health rebates are available from most major health funds for homeopathic consultations.


Bookings and Enquiries
email star_character
mobile star_character 0415 886 356

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