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Certificate of Meditation - Student Comments


1. "I can definitely say that I have grown so much internally than I ever had before. Life has more meaning, I’m now paying more attention to my feelings and evaluating then. I have this eagerness to learn more and more about myself and the entire universe."

2. "I have learned so much and received so many benefits from this course... The course has opened me to new people, new ideas, new ways of thinking... It has opened up my life... I feel more confident, at peace, gratitude for what I have, more creative... I am starting to feel free….open... I finally feel that I am on the path where I want to be... The lessons I have learnt this year have really made a difference to my life."

3. "It was amazing, I definitely noticed a change in my self. An awareness. Now I learned a few tools how to relax, keep my self cool, more calmer, focused, centered...
"I noticed that something changed inside of me. To give a few eg: I am able to sit still with my self and enjoy it! Looking forward to my meditation. I am changing my priorities. The way I perceived things, the way people don't affect me as much, the dramas is fading away little by little, I am able to forgive people and accept them the way they are. I am coping with issues much better than before. Some friends have noticed a change in me."

4. "WOW!!!! For me this term was soooooo special. I love the candle flame meditation. I feel that it brings me so much internal strength and I feel I am capable of anything because the strength within /the flame inside me is ignited or replenished or acknowledged daily...
"I am a better person today because I committed to this course and gave myself the gift of this course. I’m so glad that I was able to commit to this and I feel there is so much further to go with this life project of meditation. This is just the beginning and this beginning was so powerful so I cannot even comprehend how much more it can be. Onwards and upwards as they say...."

5. "I could have used every excuse in the book to not come to term 5. I was a little scared of what was to come. But I’m so glad I pushed myself. I think those weeks were definitely the favourite of the course. It taught me to look for confidence deep within and know you have a voice, that is acceptable. And most importantly, learn to let go and have some fun!"

"This year, I can confidently say, I learnt to breathe."

6. "It has been a fantastic journey and I feel I have made some good friends along the way... What a year, I have learnt so much about myself and those around me and those I surround myself with... I have enjoyed this year immensely."

7. "I completed The School of Life’s year long meditation course 3 years ago and am still reaping the benefits of increased awareness and a calmer outlook. Working in a committed group and building a daily meditation practice were pivotal in my transformation. Accessing five different types of meditation practice in depth provided a well rounded, interesting course and gave me different meditation tools to use depending on time available and my circumstances."

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