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Follow-Up Meditation Courses


Update: The five-term 'Meditation Quest' Certificate of Meditation program is now being offered as five independant courses - plus a powerful weekend intensive - giving you the flexibility to do whichever terms you like, whenever you like.

A series of truly transformational processes, our annual calendar of short courses yields extraordinary results for those who are prepared to make meditation a part of their lifestyle.
Each short course is an opportunity to join with a dedicated group of like-minded travellers on a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, towards peace of body, heart and mind.

Each course explores a different branch of meditation, yoga and relaxation.
Each class is a mix of fast-acting and effective meditation practices, inspiring and insightful lectures and friendly group discussions.

And if you complete all five courses plus the weekend intensive - in any order, over any length of time - you will receive a Certificate of Meditation and be eligible for our phenomenal Intermediate and Advanced Courses!


Prerequisite: five-week 'Learn to Meditate' beginners course.
Even if you have forgotten what you learnt or haven't practiced since the course, you are welcome to join :)

Already have experience? Even if you've practiced meditation with other teachers before, our 'Learn to Meditate' beginners course is the best way to know if the 'Meditation Star' Certificate of Meditation is right for you.

The Five Courses

Feb/March: Creative Visualisation
star_character Deep relaxation of body, heart and mind
star_character Develop intuition, creativity and imagination
star_character Learn the art of letting go
star_character Discover how to both talk with and listen to your subconscious mind
star_character Put the magick back into your life!

March/April: Mindfulness
star_character Experience inner space and silence
star_character Discover the beauty of your senses and the power of living in the now
star_character Become clear, focused, grounded, present and aware
star_character Awaken true self-awareness through observation of body, heart, mind & spirit

June/July: Dragon Yoga
star_character Build your core strength
star_character Experience profound relaxation
star_character Correct body imbalances
star_character Develop mind-body awareness
star_character Reduce stress, increase body comfort, be taken to the threshold of meditation

Aug/Sept/Oct: Candle Flame Meditation
star_character Become just like a candle… filled with warmth, light and a peaceful presence
star_character Learn the art of transforming problems into solutions
star_character Includes a profound philosophy that demystifies psychology and spirituality

Sept: Meditation & Spirituality Intensive with Paul Tisdell & Stephen Cottee
star_character Join Stephen and his teacher Paul for a deep journey into meditation, magick and spiritual wisdom
star_character An initiation into the sacred mysteries of East and West

Oct/Nov: Sacred Sound
star_character Liberate the power and magick of your heart and your voice
star_character Discover your inner beauty as your creativity blossoms
star_character Empowering, uplifting and enchanting !

Your commitment:
star_character to attend the Sunday workshop and six weekly sessions for that term (no casual attendance, sorry)
star_character to attend a one-on-one meditation coaching session (optional)
star_character to practice each day during term for 20-30 mins
star_character to do a small amount of journal/written assignment work

Our commitment:
star_character to provide you with exceptional quality meditation training which creates massive and permanent improvements in your quality of life!

Full Money Back Guarantee
If you complete any of our Intermediate level courses - attend all the classes, do all your practices, and complete the written work - and don't feel the benefits you have received are worth far more than the money you paid, just ask at the completion of the term and we'll give you a full refund!

A Sunday workshop from 10am-4pm plus 6 Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9.20pm.
One-on-one sessions are by appointment.

Course Dates for 2018
Candle Flame Meditation: August/September - Sunday workshop plus six Thursday evenings
Weekend with Paul Tisdell & Stephen Cottee: Sept 22 - 23 two day workshop
Sacred Sound: Oct/Nov - Sunday workshop plus six Thursday evenings

Course Dates for 2019
Dragon Yoga: Feb/March - one week's pre-work plus five Wednesday evenings
Creative Visualisation: March/April - Sunday workshop plus six Wednesday evenings
April/May - Sunday workshop plus six Thursday evenings

The white room - our fresh and totally 'Zen' home meditation studio in Freshwater.

Course Fees per Term
See course description for each term.

If you would like an application form, or have any further questions, please feel free to phone Stephen on 0415886356 or email meditationschool@hotmail.com

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