Meditation CDs

Let the relaxing voice of Stephen Cottee expertly guide you through some of the most powerful meditations from his popular courses.

Enjoy these crystal clear recordings professionally mastered in a digital studio with commercial quality artwork and manufacture.

Many people practice these every day or every night.
Others use them occasionally, as needed.
How will you use them?

star_character Excellent introductions for those who have never meditated before.
star_character Excellent resources for those who have trouble guiding themselves
....through meditation, or those who have fallen out of practice.
star_character Excellent support tools for those currently learning meditation.

All the meditations on these CDs are self-explanatory - you do not need to have done any of Stephen's courses or any other form of meditation before - just put them on, sit or lie back and start experiencing the benefits that meditation has to offer.


Candle Flame Meditation CD

Two separate guided visualisations backed by sublime music from Chris James.

Track One - The Candle Journey
..........Duration: 30 minutes
Lie down, relax and be lifted up through the layers of the candle. Being filled with the light from above, bring it back down with you... into your body and into your life.


Track Two - The Candle Flame Meditation
..........Duration: 30 minutes
Sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine you are a candle. Burn away your old wax and become illumined with your inner light. This practice creates peace, warmth, personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

Stillness & the Present Moment CD - SOLD OUT

Three separate guided meditation exercises set against a background of silence.

Track One -
Body-Mind-Heart Awareness

..........Duration: 20 minutes
Lie down, fall still and shift your awareness through each part of your body, mind and heart. As your attention moves slowly, rhythmically and methodically so you come into balance, peace and harmony on all levels. Profoundly settling and restful.


Track Two - Sense Awareness

..........Duration: 11½ minutes
Sitting comfortably but straight, free your mind from concerns of past and future as you allow your attention to become absorbed in your five physical senses. Once your mind is present and aware of your senses then shift your focus inside, finding yourself in states of stillness, peace, presence and Self-awareness.

Track Three -
Breathing + Sense Awareness

..........Duration: 23½ minutes
A breathing exercise to clear the mind and energise the body, followed by an extended Sense Awareness meditation as described above. This meditation helps you awaken to Reality and become your Self, free from physical tensions, mental chatter and emotional dramas.

Creative Visualisation CD


Let your Imagination weave a Magickal world of freedom, space and wonder.

Track One - Clearing a Space
..........Duration: 15 minutes
Create a purified space within and without.


Track Two - Plateau Meditation

..........Duration: 26 minutes
Fall into a state of profound surrender of body, heart and mind. Discover the keys to letting go. Relaaaax!

Track Three - Elemental Visualisation

..........Duration: 32 minutes
A magickal journey through nature's elements... Earth - safety and comfort in your body, Water - peace and love in your emotions, Fire - light and creative purpose in your motivations, Air - awareness and clarity in your mind.


Where Can I Get A Copy ?

Meditation CDs can be purchased directly from The School of Life for $30 each.
Postage and packaging, if required, is $5 per CD within Australia.

To order your CDs directly:

star_character email
star_character phone 0415 886 356.

Retail outlets which currently stock our CDs include:

star_character Qi Natural Therapies and Yoga the arcade at 9 The Corso, Manly. (ph) 9976-6880.


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