Dragon Yoga Course

One Week Pre-Work plus
Five Weekly Transformational Yoga Sessions

Dragon Yoga is an innovative style of yoga which focuses on a combination of body awareness, deep relaxation and core strength building.

It has roots in traditional yoga, oriental medicine, meditation awareness and Taoist philosophy. Dragon Yoga is deep, profound and mysterious! Part exercise and health system, part relaxation and meditation, Dragon Yoga creates healing of body, heart and mind.

Build lower body strength and stability, internal power with external agility and flexibility. Excellent therapy for stiff necks, tense shoulders, sore backs, weak bellies, backs & legs. Excellent for correcting postural and other body imbalances, for quietening busy minds and for easing emotional stresses.

This style is suitable for all shapes and sizes. young or old, weak or strong, stiff or bendy, athlete and couch potato! Beginners and experienced yogis alike have much to gain from their inner Dragon.

Experienced yogis can be assured - Dragon Yoga is nothing like any other yoga around. Come prepared for something new with an open mind!

Previous participants have noticed improved posture, comfort, agility, excess weight loss, enhanced sexual function, improved flexibility, relaxation and body awareness.

Dragon Yoga produces a calm, quiet state of mind integrated with increased body awareness.

* to have already done a number of meditation classes with Stephen.
Don't worry if you haven't been practicing meditation since - that what this course is about!

Your Commitment

This course is for you if you are prepared to commit to:
* pre-work: 15 minute relaxation-style meditation twice per day for one week
* attend the 5 weekly classes of the course
* during the course: practice 45 minutes yoga-meditation every day (most of that time is lying down resting)
* keep a (brief) daily practice journal
* a short written assignment at the end of term

This course is *not* for you if want to:
* attend on a casual basis
* practice only some days in the week
(You are, however, welcome to come along to one of our beginners courses.)

One Week's Prep + Five Weekly Sessions

The week of pre-work primes you to get the most from the course and the five weekly sessions allow you to weave the many benefits of this branch of yoga-meditation into your daily life.
Be guided through the techniques each week in a powerful group environment, share experiences with other students, receive personal coaching and answers to your questions, and be supported and inspired whilst you establish your own personal practice.

PRE-COURSE: from Wed July 19
..............................15 mins twice daily for one week
..............................(home practice with audio)
five Wednesdays, 7pm-9.20pm
..............................July 26
..............................Aug 2
..............................Aug 9
..............................Aug 16
..............................Aug 23
LOCATION: Freshwater
includes course, plus 2 x one-on-one sessions
(save $200 on your one-on-one sessions!)
includes course, plus 1 x one-on-one session
(save $100 on your one-on-one session!)
includes course only

email meditationschool@hotmail.com or phone Stephen on 0415 886 356

Student Testimonials
This is what students who completed a year of follow-up courses - including this one - had to say about it:


Full Money-back Guarantee
If you fulfill the commitments listed above and don't feel that you have received far more value than the cost of course, then just ask and we will happily give you a full refund.

What Else Have Past Students Said About Dragon Yoga?

‘During the rests I was transported into a fantasy land of patterns, light and shade. My lower body feels so STRONG.’

‘I love it, I am addicted, I want more! Please stay and teach classes here forever.’

‘I can’t believe so few exercises and so much rest can make me feel so good and strong.’

‘Very effective.’

‘Calming, relaxing and dynamic in its stillness. For me who finds it hard to be still – excellent. Thank you Stephen.’

‘Actually had a frozen shoulder this week, feels much better! Really relaxing and opening.’

‘Was different to any yoga style I have done before. The exercises were difficult in some ways – made me use my muscles in ways I don’t normally. The relaxation was great!’

‘A wonderful combination of meditation and strength in the body. I love it!’

Enrolling Now!
There are only 6 spots available, so email meditationschool@hotmail.com or phone Stephen on 0415 886 356 for an application form now.

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