Candle Flame Meditation

As Your Inner Spiritual Fire Springs to Life
So You Become As a Sacred Candle...

Illumined with Your Inner Light,
Liberated From the Wax of Your Past
Radiant with a Warm, Peaceful Presence

Around the world and throughout history candles (and fire) have always had a central place within a wide range of spiritual practices including prayer, meditation and sacred ritual. The candle has come to symbolise light, peace, harmony, purity and the pursuit of spirituality.

As we meditate on the candle we too start to transform, to fill with spiritual light and to radiate a warm, peaceful presence just like the candle. Over time our lives become filled with peace, health, stillness and wisdom.

The Candle Flame Course
Join us for various relaxation, visualisation and meditation practices based on the symbolism of the candle flame. Experience deep relaxation, an expansion of your inner radiance, lightness of being and peace of mind.

This style of meditation produces many benefits, including:

star_character relaxation
star_character emotional peace
star_character mental clarity and focus
star_character Self-awareness and spiritual awakening
star_character a profound, practical and enlightening spiritual philosophy
star_character visualisation and meditation

In this course you will become skilled in three main techniques:

star_character The Candle Asana - combining breath and gentle, rhythmic movement to create a state of relaxed vitality, upliftment, joy and peace. This energising practice makes for a great start to your day, as a preparation for meditation or to clear your body, heart and mind at the end of the day.

star_character The Candle Journey - a lying down technique of relaxation and visualisation based around an imaginary journey up through the layers of the candle and into the light. Via this metaphorical imagery the student is able to access various states of deep relaxation, healing, and meditation.

star_character The Candle Flame Meditation - a seated technique in which you ‘become’ a meditating candle, burning away your old wax and become illumined with your inner light. This practice creates stillness, peace, warmth, personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

In addition to these techniques you will learn:

star_character Practical Tips and the Fundamental Principles of Meditation - to maximise the results you obtain through your practice, especially during the challenging initial phases of establishing a strong daily routine

star_character Candle Philosophy - a profound and enlightening framework for understanding different spiritual philosophies, to understand your meditation experiences, to develop your own personalised meditation techniques and to integrate what you learn into your everyday life.

* to have already done a number of meditation classes with Stephen.
Don't worry if you haven't been practicing meditation since - that what this course is about!

Your Commitment

This course is for you if you are prepared to commit to:
* attend the Sunday workshop and participate in the evening class every week
* practice 40 minutes meditation every day over the 6 weeks
* keep a (brief) daily practice journal
* a short written assignment at the end of term

This course is *not* for you if want to:
* attend on a casual basis
* practice only some days in the week
(You are, however, welcome to come along to one of our beginners courses.)

One-Day Workshop + Six Weekly Group Sessions + Individual Sessions
The one-day workshop gives a real kick-start to your meditation practise, and the six weekly sessions allow you to weave the many benefits of this branch of meditation into your daily life.
Be guided through the techniques each week in a powerful group environment, share experiences with other students, receive coaching and answers to your questions, and be supported and inspired whilst you establish your own personal practice.
Your one-on-one sessions provide the opportunity for individually tailored techniques to target your specific needs, and deep guidance on your unique journey through a process of personal transformation.

WORKSHOP: Sunday Aug 26, 10am-4pm
COURSE: six Thursdays, 7pm-9.20pm
.....................................Aug 30
.....................................Sept 6
.....................................Sept 13
.....................................Sept 20
.....................................Sept 27
.....................................Oct 4
includes workshop and course, plus 2 x one-on-one sessions
(save $200 on your one-on-one sessions!)
includes workshop and course, plus 1 x one-on-one session
(save $100 on your one-on-one session!)
includes workshop and course only
email or phone Stephen on 0415 886 356

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Full Money-back Guarantee
If you fulfill the commitments listed above and don't feel that you have received far more value than the cost of course, then just ask and we will happily give you a full refund.


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