The Centre of the Wheel
by Paul Tisdell

To find stillness upon the wheel go to the centre.

Meditation is the centre of the wheel.
All sound comes from and returns to silence.
All activity starts from and returns to stillness.
In meditation we touch the source of our being.

What is your point of reference? How do you determine what is real and what is not?

Most psychological models place our thoughts and feelings as the source of our welfare. Although it is essential to address and remedy these areas of our being they are not the lords of our inner house. They are, in reality, servants of the master of the house.

True spiritual development seeks to reinstate the master of our house and when the master is home the servants serve. Do you serve your thoughts and feelings or do they serve you? This question can only be asked and answered in the moment, for awareness is a momentary thing.

When the state of meditation is reached we go beyond thoughts and feelings, the mind stills and time ceases to exist. The moment we return from our meditation to the world of events all is ordered and all is well, the master of the house is in. Let us call this state "the real". All activity exists outside this centre - it is the centre of the wheel. When this becomes our reference point thoughts and feelings are no longer the dominant players in our psychology, they become subservient to the real. It is here where spiritual development makes a departure from psychological development.

Thoughts and feelings create wheels of repetitive events and these wheels roll on for an eternity. Mankind has faced the same basic emotional dilemmas ever since - there is only one still place within the wheel.

Let us consider the mind as water. Meditation stills these waters. When stilled they are a perfect mirror and awareness can see any stone (thought) that is thrown into the water.

In the house with no master the waters are always in motion (emotion). With so many waves awareness becomes lost at sea. One may well be in need of a compass. A compass has four directions (elements) around a central point.

When dealing with the topic of meditation the 7 sacred centres of man's subtle body come to mind - the chakras:
ê the base chakra corresponds to the element earth and the sense of smell
ê the sacrum chakra the element water and the sense of taste
ê the solar plexus chakra the element fire and the sense of sight
ê the heart chakra the element air and the sense of feeling
ê the throat chakra the first aspect of spirit and the sense of hearing
ê the brow chakra and crown chakra are the other two aspects of the threefold spirit.

As an exercise listen to the sounds of your environment. Do not think about what you hear, just listen. You will find all stills and you come to a state of peace with an expanded awareness. What happens from an hermetic point of view is the spirit rules the elements and the house comes to order.

In astrology the sun represents the Self. The symbol of the sun is a circle with a point in the centre = the meditative point within consciousness = the king within the kingdom = the master in the house = the point of relativity in the journey of life.

Are you in the centre or the periphery?


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