Homeopathy & Hermetic Kabbalah by Stephen Cottee

I assert that Homoeopathy is not only consistant with both Hermeticism and the Holy Kabbalah, but is best understood when considered as an expression and evolution of the tradition of Hermetic Kabbalah. One of the many fruits of the Tree  which are for the healing of the nations.

Homoeopathy is that art and science of therapeutics which Samuel Hahnemann formulated early last century. Hermetic Kabbalah includes many aspects of the Western Mysteries, such as Jewish mysticism, the Egyptian mysteries, ritual Magick, Alchemy, Astrology, sacred geometry and the Tarot. Hermetic Kabbalah has strong links with Freemasonry, Rocisrucianism, esoteric Christianity, Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, Pythagorianism and with Eastern systems of spirituality including Taoism, Vedanta and the Tantras.

Whilst Hahnemann presented himself as the first person in the history of man to understand the true nature of disease and cure***, it appears fairly likely that he was informed by the Western Mystery Tradition.*** Undoubtedly he was a pioneer and a luminary in the history of medicine. His claims of being the first and only originator of true cure rings of egoism, not dissimilar to Eliphas Levi’s claim to be the first to understand Magick.***

Many core aspects of Hermeticism are to be found expressed within the philosophy and practical example of Homoeopathy. Hermeticism is that stream of traditional wisdom which traces its history back to Hermes Trismegistus of ancient Egypt, the legendary being who is attributed with the invention of mathematics, astrology, alchemy, writing… and medicine. Of the many fragments of writings attributed to Hermes, perhaps the most famous is The Emerald Tablet, upon which is written verses said to contain “the philosophy of the whole world”. The Emerald Tablet was a constant source of inspiration to medieval alchemists and from a Kabbalistic viewpoint is not only extremely profound, but wonderfully accurate.
One part of the Emerald Tablet declares, “…that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is at that which is above…”. Medieval alchemy reduced this to what has become known as the Hermetic axiom, “As Above; So Below”. A (valid) variation states, “As Within; So Without”.

The Hermetic axiom casts much light on Homoeopathy. Via this principle Man (being male and female) is seen to be the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. That is, all that exists within the Universe, on all levels, is seen to lie within the being of Man. Every material and spiritual substance in the world and beyond is seen to have its sympathetic counterpart or reflection within every man and woman. Furthermore, the ability of a force (such as the influence of a full moon or the dynamic action of a particular Homoeopathic medicine) to gear into the human being is understood to occur through the corresponding elements within our own nature (our inner lunar principle or inner quality substance of which the medicine is made). This occurs because a sympathy can be found to exist between the outside influence and the inner principle. Paracelsus wrote extensively of this Doctrine of Sympathies that exists between man and nature (ref: book by Manly P. Hall). Hahnemann, as a translater of Paracelsus works***, must surely have been aware of this teaching.

For those familiar with the theory and practice of magical invocation and evocation, no further explanation is needed. For others, I shall continue. Based on Hermetic knowledge, we all have potential to enter any state whatsoever within our Materia Medica. If it were not contained within our being, even in seed form, we would not be able to perceive or conceive of the sensations which are delineated by that remedy.

So we all have our own inner oyster, our own inner bushmaster snake, our own inner sunflower and lead. (I can see it now – forget discovering your inner child or warrior woman, the hot thing this year is to discover your inner vesicle). As we all have the rapist, murderer, saint, magician within us.

As prescribers we must be quite aware of the sympathies which are evoked from within us by each of our clients. We must be aware of the different feelings and states that we experience around different people. Once we purify our attitudes and free ourselves from reaction (to a reasonable degree – an ongoing process) we gain both the objectivity and the self-awareness to perceive the client’s state with our own being as the resonant sounding board.

In practical terms, most of our potentialities are never drawn out, never energised or expressed. This is demonstrated in cell specialisation within the physical body. Each cell contains the complete genetic code at the outset. Specialisation only occurs because parts of this code is suppressed, ie. lies in seed form, not manifested. The more of the genetic code which is ignored, the more specialised the cell becomes. This is extremely profound and worthy of much contemplation.

Similarly, most Homoeopathic remedies have only mild, if any, action on most people. It is only those that have a sympathy with an individual in a moment of time, that produce a marked effect. Since there is more hidden within a man than is obvious on the surface, we each have sympathy with more remedies than one simple simillimum. (The ‘marked effect’ may not always be a curative one!).

A second area in which knowledge of the Hermetic Kabbalah sheds light on Homoeopathy is in the area of a dynamic view of disease. Hahnemann states that a disease consists of its dynamic symptoms, not physical manifestations. *** Here he is making specific reference to what is known in magical circles as the ‘sphere of influence’, or ‘sphere of sensation’. In Kabbalistic terms, this refers to the sphere of Yesod on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The sphere of sensation includes all that can be perceived within one’s personal sphere, and is primarily energetic and psychic in nature, and includes body sensations, feelings, thoughts, states of consciousness – all things which are noted as important within Homoeopathy. As magical practices and energetic meditation forms have a direct effect on the sphere of sensation, anyone practicing with these sort of techniques soon develops firsthand perceptions of this sphere of influence, and none too subtly at times!
Yesod corresponds to the Ba of the Egyptians, that is, the breath. The use of the breath is combined with postures within Hatha Yoga to produce health benefits far beyond those experienced by exercise alone. The etheric body (known as the KaBa, or ‘breath body’) and the astral body are also correspondant with Yesod. Yesod is the genitals in the physical body, the generative organs and the instinctual principle which maintains health. How entirely consistant with the Kabbalistic view then, that cure should be found within an energetic system of medicines which act on the sphere of sensation. Hahnemann was indeed a smart cookie to begin potentising his medicinal substances, but was he really the first to use the concept of energetic medicines based on physical substances? This refinement of medicines within principles of Nature (unlike allopathy which does not use whole medicines) has been practiced within Alchemy for centuries beyond record.

The presence of a substance, a mineral, a plant, an animal within Nature is no evolutionary fluke when understood from a perspective of Hermeticism and Kabbalah. Everything has its place. When all is in order, health and bliss prevails. This order is expressed in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a schematic diagram showing relationships between archetypal forces. All substances have their place on the Tree. As do the Tarot cards. As does astrology. As do body parts and systems. As do spiritual forces, states of consciousness, aspects of the psyche and far more besides. Any TOE (theory of everything) must be consistant with the Kabbalistic Tree if it to be in any way accurate, not because the diagram of the Tree itself is the truth, but rather because the Tree is based on that order which is inherent within Nature and Creation. Different expressions of this same order can be found reflected in other systems (eg. Taoism). What I call Hermetic Kabbalah can be seen to be ever changing synthesis of Western wisdom, the momentary culmination of Western efforts to penetrate the Truth. In saying Western, please understand that there has been a healthy cross-pollination with the East since time immemorial.

If we can find the place of a particular substance on the Tree of Life then we greatly expand our potential understanding of its properties (assuming we know something of the Tree, of course!). It provides a structural blueprint on which peg our substance and understand it from.

We must remember that each archetypal path is expressed in a myriad of ways. As with remedies, not every aspect of a path is expressed in every thing which corresponds to that path. (Otherwise there’d be only 32 types of things in the universe! But then, maybe there are only 32 modalities to Creation…). So we still must study our Materia Medica to see what effects are produced on the sphere of sensation by each particular medicine. But now we have a framework of understanding from which to pursue this study. Furthermore, we are now able to draw on additional information in understanding our clients. Information such as Astrology, Gematria, and oracular revelations. Let me give you an example of the use of an oracle (in this case, a synchronicity as Jung termed it) in Homoeopathic prescribing. Early on in my study of Homoeopathy I was on my way home one afternoon when I saw a truck with Ipec written on the side. This struck me as important in a qualitative fashion (ref: first insight Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield). Later that evening a family member presented with diarrhoea, and terrible nausea not better for vomiting (he had recently returned from an extended trip to India and had been told he had giardia). Knowing only a few remedies I looked up some books and, remembering my oracle, quickly focussed on Ipecac. The symptoms matched, I gave him the remedy and needless to say he was soon greatly relieved.

This implies that dreams, synchronicities, Tarot cards, vision and other forms of intuitive revelation could all have relevance to Homoeopathic practice. Many people use dowsing, and everyone uses intuition in their prescribing at times, I’m sure. Ref: As above; so below.

Of course, this does not mean a Homoeopathic prescriber can be any less knowledgeable of the Materia Medica or the Repertory. Rather, he or she may now use other aspects of life to create a more whole practice with a more whole understanding of Man and Nature.



Aurum Metallicum – all the Gold, Sun, Leo correspondances. Tiphareth. Perhaps the easiest remedy for me to analyse this way.

This metaphorical approach has been with Homoeopathy since the start. Now we can place it in its context via knowledge of archetypes. A conscious admission of the poetic nature of life. Profound in that it goes beyond a system of therapeutics to a whole world view, and a living system of personal and spiritual evolution. Without which Homoeopathy is out of context – as the use of these (essentially magical) remedies in a materialistic context such as that of allopathy, suppression and a symptom-by-symptom approach.

Conglomerates would surely need to reflect a natural harmonic or formulae.

Astrological influences on times of formation, procuring, preparation and application need to be explored. This marries with Alchemical, Paracelcian and herbal lore.

Other remedies: Nat Mur – alchemical salt?
Calc. Carb. – oysters and Cancer. Binah. Milk – breast.
Find a better correspondance astrologically, eg. is there a remedy of ‘crab’? Sulphur or other Crowley correspondance.

Propose a system of practices, such as the exploration of a substance via visionary contemplation. Knowledge of Kabbalah via DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE !!! Hold a remedy, tune in. Dream or vision sequences before new remedies studied, consultations. Tarot readings, gematria or other indications.

Can this be used systematically to improve prescribing and understanding of a case? Perhaps not too systematically because life is poetic, an organic movement, and each person is different and we are all still growing and learning. It must stay plugged into the moment to stay living and real. No model of reality is reality, no matter how much our Mercurial mind would have it that way.

    • Follow the Rivers of Eden to their source. All archetypes many levels of expression. Four Worlds. Do variations in potency correspond to different levels of action within the four worlds?
    • Can having other correspondances present make remedies more efficacious, as within ritual?
    • Use of invocations to bring up stuff for clearing a Homoeopathic practice.
    • Research Paracelsus, history of principle of Homoeopathy before Hahnemann, preparation of Alchemical medicines.
    • Can Four Elemental humours be useful in Homoeopathic prescribing and understanding?
    • How to place cure process within context of spiritual evolution and self knowledge

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