Welcome to our online articles. There is a range of material here to nourish your heart, mind, spirit and soul.

star_character The first seven articles - 'The Art of Relaxation' 'Meditation FAQs' 'So You Think You Can't Meditate' 'Meditation: The Centre of the Wheel' 'Voice and the Spirit' 'Meditation and Nature' and 'The Power of Cycles' - are simple, clear and useful for the beginner.

star_character 'The Western Tradition of Spirituality' is a bit more academic, providing an overview of some of the major spiritual traditions - Yogic, Chinese and our own less well-known Western esoteric tradition - the Hermetic Kabbalah.

star_character 'Meditation and Health in the Media 2003' and 'Meditation and Health in the Media 2006' include media articles which discuss some of the scientific research which is starting to show the benefits of meditation.

star_character 'The Emerald Tablet of Hermes' is an ancient classic of alchemical writing attributed to the Egyptian / Greek god of Wisdom.

star_character 'Homeopathy and Hermetic Kabbalah' is an unfinished essay intended for those with some knowledge of homeopathy but may be of interest to others.

star_character 'Recommended Reading, Listening and Viewing' includes some of my favourite books, cds and movies.

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The Art of Relaxation
Meditation FAQs
So You Think You Can't Meditate
Meditation: The Centre of the Wheel
Voice and the Spirit
Meditation and Nature
The Power of Cycles
The Western Tradition of Spirituality
Meditation and Health in the Media 2003
Meditation and Health in the Media 2006
Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Homeopathy and Hermetic Kabbalah
Recommended Reading, Listening and Viewing