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The School of Life is an independent, non-religious training organisation based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We provide high quality training in meditation, yoga and personal transformation. Training is available in various forms - casual classes, short courses, year-long programs, private sessions and online.

The School offers a wide range of courses suitable for beginners. Each term of the Certificate of Meditation trains students in the basics of meditation or yoga whilst focussing on one particular approach. Over the course of the year students gain a broad perspective on approaches to self transformation.

Intermediate courses focus on manifesting a balanced and fulfilling life - moving towards mastery of money, relationships, health, creative self-expression and spiritual growth.

Ultimately we are dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment of our students. Long term students of the School transform body, heart and mind into a harmonious enough state for their true spiritual nature to clearly shine forth.


Philosophy of the School

Although advanced training within the School draws upon the Hermetic Kabbalah, the Tao and in particular the work of Paul Tisdell, there is constant reference to and respect for the teachings and practices of many traditions.

The School promotes a pragmatic philosophy of open-mindedness and inclusion, teaching that...

star_character there is no one 'right way' that everyone must follow all the time - everyone's needs are different and indeed each unique moment requires its own appropriate response

star_character different religions, spiritual traditions and other philosophies (including those of modern science and psychology) each have something to offer. We can learn from what works for us and discard what is not relevant without being limited to any one dogma

star_character the School does not claim to have a monopoly on the Truth !

star_character students are encouraged not to simply ‘believe the teacher’ but rather to find out what the truth is for themselves, through their own personal experience and power to reason

star_character students are free to leave the School whenever they choose

star_character students are free to adapt the techniques to their own personal needs - doing whatever works best in practice


Where is the School ?

The School of Life currently operates out of venues in Freshwater and Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Venues include:

star_character Qi Natural Therapies & Yoga, Manly: 9 The Corso
(upstairs in the arcade)


Corporate Clients

As well as casual classes, workshops, courses and private sessions, The School of Life is able to service the needs of corporate clients.

Past clients have included:

star_character YWCA
star_character The Cancer Council of Australia
star_character Blackmores
star_character General Security Australia Insurance Brokers
star_character Warringah Shire Council
star_character guest lecturer at Australian Catholic University
star_character SonyBMG
star_character Roche Products
star_character Flight Centre
star_character Avon
star_character Lifeline - read reference

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